Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
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Responsible resource use

Making the most of our assets

To build and maintain energy networks that perform safely and reliably, we need to use?finite –?or non-renewable – resources, such as steel for pylons and aluminium for overhead lines.

As populations and economies grow, we're seeing rising demand for these resources. This not only makes it harder for us to source them, it also leads to price rises and volatility, and increases the environmental impact of extracting them. So, we need to make the most?of the materials we own and buy.

Supporting the circular economy

We support the principles of a circular economy, which aims to maximise the value of materials by designing assets that can be recycled, refurbished and reused at the end of their operational life.

We don't view ageing assets or materials as waste. We're rethinking how we source, reuse and recycle them.

We're also finding more cost-effective and environmentally responsible ways of buying raw materials.

Working with suppliers

We're challenging our suppliers to offer new models of service provision. We'd like to see assets being designed for disassembly, repair and reuse.

Refurbishment centres in the UK and the US offer services that allow us to extend the life of our assets and materials, which unlocks environmental benefits and saves us money too.

Engaging our workforce

Meeting our sustainability targets will require input from employees across the organisation.

For operational staff, we're thinking of new ways to reuse and recycle recovered assets. For office staff, we're working towards the target of sending zero office waste to landfill. This has included a behaviour change campaign, designed by local school children, to encourage people to recycle correctly.

?Our targets

  • Reuse or recycle 100% of recovered assets by 2020.
  • Send zero office waste to landfill at major office sites by 2020.
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