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A close up of solar panels with the sun reflecting off them - Building a smarter energy future

Innovation: accelerating a clean energy future

We’re in the middle of an energy revolution driven by climate change, new technology and sustainability. We're becoming more empowered and better connected consumers.


Today’s energy companies must adapt to survive and grow. We see these changes as a challenge, but also a significant opportunity to create value for our customers, partners and shareholders.?

National Grid Ventures is focused on opportunities we see emerging in three areas.?

New energy

We’re looking to bring new technology to market to change the way homes and businesses interact with energy. We’re also working with a number of innovative partners who are changing the role of the traditional utility.?

  • Sunrun – we recently invested USD 100 million in Sunrun to: expand our existing capabilities in the distributed energy space;?explore opportunities to deliver the benefits of solar energy to residential markets;?and, understand how distributed solar resources might be aggregated so they provide services that better balance the electricity grid.

  • Enbala – we’re an investor in Enbala, which?develops and deploys software that aggregates customer electricity demand, along with energy storage and renewable energy sources, to create a network of continuously optimised distributed energy sources.

  • Energy Impact Partners – we’re a founding member of Energy Impact Partners, an innovative venture capital firm launched in 2015 to fund companies developing emerging energy technologies.?

Competitive transmission projects

We’re competing for large-scale transmission projects across North America and the UK. Our know-how and experience makes us uniquely qualified to deliver large-scale transmission assets, which will continue to play a critical role in tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter energy systems.

  • Viking Link: expected to be operational in 2023, Viking Link is a 700 kilometre subsea cable that will enable the trade of renewable energy between Denmark and the UK.

  • Granite State?and Northeast Renewable Link: transmission projects that will deliver almost nine terawatt hours of clean, reliable and affordable energy for customers across New England.

  • Vermont Greenline: a proposed 400 megawatt transmission cable that will run from northern New York, under Lake Champlain, to Vermont and will deliver renewable energy to New England to help meet regional clean energy goals.?

Large-scale commercial projects

We’re exploring opportunities to develop new large, discrete commercial projects outside of traditional regulated utility frameworks;?such as utility-scale renewables (solar and wind) and LNG.?

Driving growth in innovation

We are partners with Sunrun, the largest residential solar company in the US, harnessing the power of the sun using solar panels and batteries.