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National Grid Ventures

On this page you can find out about National Grid Ventures, the commercial business within National Grid group. You'll find links and information about?our current projects, including interconnectors, and?our latest news stories.?

National Grid Ventures (NGV)

NGV is separate from National Grid’s core regulated businesses and we’re home?to a diverse portfolio of energy businesses that deliver competitive products and services for a broad range of customers.

We develop, operate?and invest?in energy projects, technologies, and partnerships to help accelerate the development of a clean energy future for consumers across the UK, Europe and the United States.

National Grid Partners – venture capital

National Grid Partners are the venture investment?and innovation arm of National Grid. If you’re a company or investor that’s interested in finding out more about our services, please visit our website.?

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Who we are and what we do

What is National Grid Ventures?

National Grid Ventures (NGV) is a diverse portfolio of energy businesses, focused on innovation and new technologies.

NGV is a business within the National Grid group, however it operates in competitive markets outside of National Grid’s two core regulated activities in the US and UK.

NGV develops, operates and invests in innovative energy projects, technologies, and partnerships to help accelerate the development of a clean energy future for consumers.

Why National Grid Ventures is needed

National Grid already plays a key role in accelerating the growth of renewable energies and low carbon generation across the US and UK.?

In addition to regulated utility operations, NGV helps bring low carbon power to UK consumers through a portfolio of sub-sea interconnectors. It also?has a growing portfolio of renewable energy interests in the United States including battery storage, solar power and offshore wind development partnerships.?

How we benefit our customers

NGV delivers competitive energy products and services to our customers. As the energy landscape evolves, NGV is focused on developing businesses that deliver flexible, reliable and innovative energy solutions to meet the changing demands of more connected customers.

We?create value for our customers (and investors) by anticipating what customers want, reducing the costs of energy delivery today?and pioneering the flexible energy systems of tomorrow.

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Our commercial businesses

Here you can find out more about our competitive energy products and services.

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Innovation: accelerating a clean energy future

Discover more about our innovative new technology and projects.

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Interconnectors: connecting for a cleaner future

How interconnectors are helping to give us a cleaner future.

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Read about our latest news?

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UK principal operations

Electricity transmission, gas transmission and system operation.

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US principal operations

Electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery across the north eastern United States.

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