Our response to coronavirus

Find out how we're working to keep the electricity and gas flowing reliably throughout the outbreak.
National Grid worker removing equipment from a truck- Our values

Our values

We know that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. If our purpose is the ‘why’, our values are the ‘how’. They help shape our spirit, attitude and what guides us.

We have to adapt and develop our values to align with the expectations of our customers and communities, without losing sight of the things that make us strong today.

Every day we do the right thing:

  • Keep each other and the public safe
  • Comply with all relevant rules, regulations and policies
  • Respect our colleagues, customers and communities
  • Say what we think and challenge constructively
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Every day we find a better way:

  • Deliver excellent performance for our customers
  • Share knowledge and implement best practices for continuous improvement
  • Make decisions and implement quickly
  • Embrace opportunities to grow ourselves and the business?
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Our values build on and protect our strong foundations while looking to the future. They’re aligned to our purpose and help our people understand how we are expected to achieve our purpose and vision for our customers and each other.

‘Do the right thing’ pulls together our foundational values:?keeping each other and the public safe; complying with all the relevant rules, regulations and policies; respecting our colleagues, customers and communities; and, saying what we think and challenging constructively.

‘Find a better way’ challenges us to focus on performance and continuous improvement for our customers, our shareholders and communities.?

Our code of ethical business conduct

Our code outlines how we expect all our employees to behave working for National Grid. It provides useful advice on how we do business and is at the heart of our values; Do the Right Thing and Find a Better Way. We must all operate safely and with integrity and pursue results with honesty and respect, without taking shortcuts.

The choices and decisions we make every day really matter and we should all feel confident in voicing our opinions and concerns and in challenging behaviour that?doesn’t feel right.

Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct sets out how we do things at National Grid and offers guidelines for ethical compliance in important policy areas. It applies to all employees, from the Board down, and defines the values that underpin our everyday decisions. It provides guidance for dealing with different situations that we may face from time to time. Ethical business behaviour depends on all of us accepting our responsibility for upholding the highest standards of behaviour and decision making.

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What we do

What we do in the UK, the US and in National Grid Ventures.

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